Candidate profile

Useful prior knowledge

  • Basic knowledge of computing and B1 level in English.
  • Good language, reading, analysis and synthesis skills.
  • Interest in the study of the human behaviour.
  • An obliging nature.


Pre-registration and admission procedure

The Inter-university Council of Catalonia (CIC) is the body that coordinates the university system in Catalonia. It acts as an advisory body for the Government of Catalonia in university-related matters. It is made up of representatives from all the state and private universities in Catalonia.

The coordination of the University’s admissions process is a strategic priority of the Catalan Inter-university Council (CIC), which seeks to ensure that secondary school and mature students are able to access universities through a process that respects the principles of public access, equality, merit and capacity. It likewise seeks to guarantee equal opportunities in the allocation of places to students.

The University of Lleida has also set up an Orientation, Information and Advice Programme for future students, university students, parents and teachers. It undertakes the following initiatives:

  • Presentation of studies and university activities through informative leaflets distributed to high schools, conferences, academic orientation activities and presentations on the UdL’s faculties and schools.
  • Activities to motivate potential students to embark on a university career.
  • Visits to the University of Lleida (open days and specific visits).
  • Workshops for secondary school students.

The ways of access to the Degree, as the previous studies are:

  • Students with PAU and similar
  • Students with upper technical title of professional training
  • Students with foreign studies
  • Titled university and similar
  • Students with the proof of access for main of 25 years
  • Students with the proof of access for main of 45 years

Professional outings

Health field (to be able to practice in this field, the title of general health psychologist is mandatory)

  • Children's and youth mental health health centers
  • Adult mental health health centers
  • Acute hospital units Neuropsychology
  • Palliative cures
  • Social health centers for chronic diseases
  • Public health agencies
  • Social services of public administrations
  • Day centers
  • Drug treatment centers
  • Social and health services for disabled people
  • Senior centers

Non-sanitary field

  • Human resources and work psychology
  • Counseling and psychological evaluation in the educational field
  • Psychological assistance in prisons or social reintegration centers
  • Forensic psychology and judicial expertise
  • Sports psychology
  • Road safety
  • Social dynamization
  • Attention to disadvantaged groups
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Teaching and scientific research

Rules and Regulations

Adacemic Rules and Regulations
Transfer Rules: Article 9 of the Academic Rules